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The Hard Way To Sell Your Startup

5 months

  1. Hire an investment banker or broker (2 months)
  2.  Build a data room (1 month)
  3. Reach out to buyers (2 months)

6 months

  1. The Dog and Pony Show (2 months)
  2. Term Sheets + Negotiation (1 month)
  3. Due Diligence (2 months)
  4. Haggling + Renegotiation (1 month)
❌  80% fail to close
✅  20% close successfully

1 - 2 months

The Acquire (Easy) Way To Sell Your Startup

1 - Prepare your listing

Enter basic details about the startup you want to sell.

2 - Get help to sell

Our experts will optimize your listing and help you sell quickly, easily, and for the highest price.

  • Create the perfect listing with help from our customer success teams
  • Attract more buyer interest with multi-channel marketing campaigns
  • Get expert help throughout the acquisition process to close smoothly
  • Evaluate buyers on experience and acquisition goals
  • Prioritize buyers with verified identities and ready funds
  • Safely close with free escrow from

3 - Find your ideal buyer

Vet buyers and offers to find the right fit. Negotiate the best deal with expert guidance from our customer success team

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We used to sell our company and the experience was excellent. They helped us get our listing together and made some tweaks to put it over the top. Once our listing was on the marketplace our calendar was filled with buyer meetings

It's an efficient process that I highly recommend. is hands down the best platform for selling your startup. After listing Steerio we had over 50 serious buyers reach out to us. We could not have expected such a strong response from so many buyers so quickly but it helped us find a new home for our startup. 

If you're considering selling your company I highly recommend

🤘 Founder Success Story

Founder name: Derek Homann

Company sold: Median

Price: $250,000

Buyer requests: 30+

Reason for selling: New opportunity (Co-founded Workshop)

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